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The Lion King 2021 Winter "Walk Through · Encounter" New Opportunity Meeting: Future & Future DT Talk

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On April 24, more than 1,000 rabbit parents from all provinces and cities in the province gathered in Zhaoqing, Dongguan, Entering these three seasons, the ideas work together to create the Lion King 2021 Winter "Walk Through · Encounter" main axis new machine meeting The meeting kicked off brilliantly in the speech of Mr. Deng Dongming, the vice chairman Standing at the end of the next two 30 years, the new has already begun, a new image, a new industrial layout "Focus, seek truth and be pragmatic, and return." Deoria's national policy has clarified its future path. Ms. Guo Yushu, the national art director, vividly interprets the new upgrade of the design concept, helping to enhance the brand power. The original elements in the future and the technological elements in the future will be vividly interpreted in children's clothing to show new vitality. Mr. Yu Xiangrong, the general manager, said at the meeting The rise of Guochao will be the spring of national brands Propose the importance of brand image competition pattern Insight into the "four major effects" of the footwear and apparel industry In-depth implementation of the three major measures of return, efficiency enhancement, and upgrading to make concerted efforts to seize the children's clothing market Riding the wind and riding the tide, breaking the waves Mr. Qian Banglin, executive vice president, discusses the 2021 brand marketing work plan, analyzes the children's clothing market capacity and competition pattern, focuses on resources and builds a benchmark market Image and retail rhythm are newly upgraded. Benchmarking agent Mr. Sun generously shares the secrets of successful management. With enthusiasm and determination, more rabbit parents are encouraged to forge ahead. Korea’s powerful design and R&D team unlocks fashion codes and integrates multi-dimensional space-time elements with product design. Cleverly integrating the infinite possibilities of "traveling and encountering" fashion Once upon a time, there was a tree monster in the forest who liked to eat daytime, and soon there was only night in the forest Pick up a lot of stars and drop the stars on the wings of the elves, twinkling and twinkling, shining. Crowds of elves are puffing their wings in the air. The forest is lit up, and Fanini is sitting on the mushroom and laughing happily. Nini, the cute pet penguin and the polar bear live on the endless glacier. The sky is raining rainbows, and the glacier is full of flowers. Nini and the polar bear are lying in the clouds and sleeping soundly. The sun is high in the sky and constantly emitting heat. The glacier is sweating and hot. After taking off their coats, when Nini and the polar bear woke up, they were surprised to find that they were floating in the middle of the icy water. In the middle of the night, Frog and Frollo broke into the smart planet. They were attracted by the strange meteor shower and the cool time tunnel. Frog saw the splendor of the new world and was full of expectations, so they ignored it. The alarm sounded, and they crossed the blockade lines excitedly boarding the Tianyi spaceship, passing through the layers of clouds and mist and started the interstellar voyage... This is their era! Let them go to the ideal kingdom, overcome obstacles, step over mountains and mountains, and write down the children's fashion incisively and vividly! 30 years are two brand-new endings. The original intention cannot be forgotten, and innovation will never stop! "You have to keep running to stay where you are." They have to run faster to surpass themselves, surpassing the competition will surely create two new eras! Belongs to their big era of The Lion King!

The Lion King 2021 Winter

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