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2021 Apparel Fashion Trend Forecast, Clothing Stocking Is Essential

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Only by introducing the fashion trend will you know what kind of goods to get for Shawnee County. Friends who make clothing must not ignore this problem. Even if you don’t pay close attention to the fashion trend of clothing, it will be extremely difficult for you to get products that consumers hate. Next, let's take a look at the prevalence of 2021 spring and summer clothing. But today's focus is on the prevalence of technical details, and others may not be detailed. Clothing aesthetics: Refreshing and simple black, white, beige and hot light blue will be popular in spring and summer of 21. Dress skirts: masculine suit skirts, neutral H-shaped skirts, and masculine A-shaped skirts are all popular. Clothing pattern: Elegant vertical and horizontal stripes, surrounded by curves, free and comfortable. Apparel parts: shirt collar and inflatable sleeves, practical and chic priority. Clothing fabrics: soft, high-quality fabrics can make you feel the leisurely life while being hot. It's the technical details that move people's hearts the most. Hating the last piece of clothing has the same effect. First of all, it may be because it feels very comfortable as a whole. Then I was moved by a certain technical detail of it. Such as: double sawfish, stitching, fabric texture, etc. are all bonus points. Paying high attention to technical details is also a way of advocating fashion, fashion and quality of life. We can introduce the beauty of clothing more closely, and introduce the intentions of structural designers and the staff behind it. Aesthetic matching, accessories embellishment, and accessories matching are closely combined with popular elements under the general trend, and continuous innovation and breakthroughs allow us to have more priority choices and enrich our clothing. Simple geometry: grid pattern and horizontal pattern present a simple structural design, which is created by using wide-pitch fine horizontal pattern and window lattice pattern. This key point is applicable to shirts and skirts, showing a refreshing artistic style with a clear aesthetic. Even if you can consider this aspect if you are doing men's clothing, if you are doing men's clothing, as long as the accessories are simple and refreshing. Craft hollowing: the pure handicraft art style extends to the hollow structure design, which can add a sense of inherited value to midsummer and holiday accessories. Trying to go with the new bohemian and artisanal trends, using handcrafted technical details like cutouts to elevate the structure of must-have accessories like oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts. The flexible hollows on the hem of the skirt and the hem of the short-sleeved shirt are closely combined with the silk fabric, creating a chic and casual vacation feeling. Cutouts created by pigmented woven yarns and slub yarns add sophistication to summer embroidered tweed and linen accessories. In actual wear, hollowing out is also unreasonable. Decorate it on the corner of the shirt, romantic and gorgeous. For formal occasions, you can give priority to choosing a hollow skirt as the inner wear, and you can see your exquisiteness in the technical details. For the convenience of walking, it is recommended that you give priority to accessories with short hollows. Moreover, this kind of accessories can avoid the shrinkage of hollowing out, and there is no danger of appearing fat. Handmade hem: small hem elements can give you such magic. Can you imagine tying Tang Bamboo around the waist, highlighting the waistline and making Anantnag look thinner. You can also try it at the neckline, which is warm and lively. But for men's wear, Xiao Yu's hem is the only one. Men's clothing can be considered emphatically. It's just that pure handmade Tang bamboo just reflects the trend of fashion. After the turbulent 2020, most people prefer to return to the basics and pay attention to technical details. This element is simply very useful in everyday life. For example, a coat shirt can be replaced with Tang Zhu's belt. For skirts, you can give priority to accessories with hems, which can not only make you look thinner, but also help you find the softness in your heart. Catering to the true situation, the technical details and trim of pure handmade style can add personality, making the structural design stand out among the many industries of the same style. Light embroidery: In recent years, the popularity index of embroidery has risen sharply. Dior, who took the resort style, also moved it to the show. And this kind of light embroidery structure design is more clear and beautiful, giving people a clean aesthetic feeling. Because embroidery is a natural experience, but the embroidery in 2021 will be lighter than ever. The pattern is washed and smudged with light and aesthetic feeling, mainly in pink wax color, with a natural aesthetic transition, which is softer than modern embroidery, and can create a more shaped and high-end fashion; it can be integrated with abstract flower patterns, closely combined with high elasticity Spun fabric creates a masculine glam accessory. Compared with modern embroidery, it is softer and lighter, and has a wider acceptance in the consumer market, which can lead to the formation of high-end consumer markets. It's just that the embroidery in men's clothing is slowly starting to rise. If you can wear it first, the effect should be good, but don't take too much. Spinner sleeves: The popularity of the main axis of new masculinity in the Asian consumer market has driven the continuous enthusiasm for the technical details of spinner sleeves. The still popular shape of spinner sleeves can be previewed by shrinking sleeves with dropped shoulders or leg of lamb sleeves at the hem. In addition to the modern XT736PA shirt, the use of gyro sleeves in spun clothing is also popular; the blunt half skirt with a light and heavy feeling brings retro artistic style, and the way of r milky white fabric gyro sleeves and suits is closely combined to create a dramatic appearance. The crisp and drapey fabrics create different artistic styles. The pure and elegant art style is still loved by the Chinese consumer market, and the playful and blunt gyro sleeves continue to attract high attention. Friends who do men’s clothing can consider this, because parents nowadays hate dressing up children, and cute elements will become their first choice, and the sales of this product should not be bad. Tulle layering: The technical details of gauze layering are especially important in the XT736PA tops and skirts in the spring and summer of 2021. The breathable coloring previews the masculine charm and wanton purity. Keep the print minimal and layer it with seasonal staples for a trapezoidal layered silhouette. Get an edgy look with a sheer Albert gauze overlay. Milky white gyro yarn, net yarn, textured Albert yarn and lace are closely combined to create a pure and masculine charm. As an additional accessory, layer with classic accessories such as graphic tees and cropped tank tops, and sell them in combination for a whole new look. That’s all for today’s sharing. If you want to introduce more details, please leave a message.

2021 Apparel Fashion Trend Forecast, Clothing Stocking Is Essential

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