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Spring and summer women's clothing is in vogue, and branded clothing is sold out in Liwei County, so it's hard not to make money. Do you have those popular fashion models?

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||"More and more international brands are seeking to make a sound and break through concepts, fabrics, and inspirations. Structural design has become a connection between lifestyle, values, and performing arts." For Shastelai, the owner of the brand clothing store It is said that the showroom after men's fashion week looks more like a subset of men's clothing. The biggest significance is that the subset exports sculptor's international brands to attract brand clothing to come to talk and order. In just a few years, men's wear sculptors, brand clothing stores and showrooms connecting the two have all developed to a new climax in history: the 2017/18 Spring/Summer Ontimeshow performing arts exhibition has expanded from a single pavilion to five pavilions, and the process has been continuously optimized . This season's performing arts exhibition was held at the Shanghai West Bund Performing Arts Center, with a performance art exhibition area of 16,800 square meters (180,833.7 square meters). In addition to exhibiting international brands, other highlights include a fashion forum, a menswear show and a performing arts exhibition. The much-anticipated event, targeting China's menswear consumer market, is getting more vibrant with new textile displays. ||Status list Sheer lining: Garments with sheer lining are suitable as a must-have layer, versatile and trendy. Light green color: from the military style light green as the core aesthetic preview will blow up the consumer market. Highlight the hem: the waist focus is the key preview of vest fashion in spring and summer of 17/18. Comb Hooks: Comb hooks are popular with brochure accessories. "The number of sculptors participating in the performance art fair seems to be growing steadily. The various activities in the performance art fair this season are worth watching, providing sculptors with a better platform to showcase their work." - Shaojun Zheng Creative Director||Delicately Broken In the spring and summer of 2017/18, Gaiji tends to the pop music performance art style, the shadow of the 90s. This performing arts style continues to take the commercial fashion consumer market by storm and is a major theme dominating European performing arts fairs. At the Ontimeshow performing arts exhibition, various international brands launched luxurious unwashed cover bases, as well as dismantled and damaged edge structure designs, highlighting the pop music temperament. The silhouette is generously sized, with light-coloured fabrics for added structure and a high-end look. ||New and novel style The novel style appearance has suddenly emerged. It has changed the appearance of T5800 and has a softer appearance, which has set off a hot sales boom in the Chinese consumer market. Pale blues like Zemlian and shoulder length are key, translating into an earthy, everyday aesthetic for transitional seasons. ||Sports and Leisure 2017 spring and summer The urban sports craze has not diminished, and it is presented in a more pure sports style, bringing a preview of the season. The sports leisure trend is not fully reflected in the overall appearance, but fully reflected in the use of fabrics and technical details. Bold aesthetics and contrasting red soles translate to sporty looks for dresses and vests, while pointed-toe technical details lend a touch of femininity. ||The classic coat is presented in a new proportion and shape, which is suitable for the Chinese consumer market in early spring. Extended sleeves and smooth cotton lend a vintage feel, while the back is left loose, lending feminine edge to this classic silhouette. Aesthetically matching in-store displays boldly interpret this accessory. ||Transparent sequins and thin sequins continue to rise. Airy chiffon and organza accentuate delicate fabric treatments such as hems and stitching, while ruffles and embroidery enhance freehand and mood. The versatile sheer shape adds a new dimension to dresses for an extra-feminine look. For younger consumers, these accessories complement shirts and T-shirts for a great look theme. ||Slit Midi Skirt 2017/18 Spring/Summer Midi skirts are below the knee length. The wrapping and slit splicing structure design is quite innovative. The flowy, loose shape is the main message, and it's paired with cool novelty pockets. The accessory is perfect paired with jackets and tops with fastenings at the waist to accentuate the feminine figure. The color block style is retro and alternative. ||Light green Light green color is the key fashion color in the 2017/18 spring and summer Chinese consumer market. The color is suitable for understated everyday wear, and is suitable for novel looks that are popular this season. Green is more intense when paired with black and navy. Vibrant panels of bright colors like yellow and red give styles a modern edge. || Vibrant orange Vigorous bright orange is the key fashion color of early autumn. It contrasts sharply with the main dark tone of this season, which is eye-catching. This bold aesthetic is all over the place, with core colors like black and navy as the base. Consider it for in-store display to enhance the selling potential of this bold aesthetic. ||Prominent hem Whether it is a belt, wrap or hem, waist treatment is getting more and more attention, creating a strong neutral tone for the Chinese men's clothing consumer market. The soft and compact wool composition is essential, especially light and three-dimensional. There is a touch of cuteness in the charm of this shape, which is most suitable for short shapes. ||Decorated velvet velvet is the key fabric of 2017/18 spring and summer, which has attracted major performing arts exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Lush brocade velvet was all over the Ontimeshow performance art fair, used for long dresses, coats and sporty vests. Adds luxury to casual silhouettes and provides the ultimate treatment for day and night. The fabric has a youthful feel in a soft pastel shade. ||Suit Check Nostalgic checkerboard combines wool for a revamped waistcoat and suit. This traditional movement is influenced by strong dressing, incorporating trendy elements into classic constructions. Oversized checkerboards are refreshing, while ruffles and hardware keep the original youthful vibe.

Spring and summer women's clothing is in vogue, and branded clothing is sold out in Liwei County, so it's hard not to make money. Do you have those popular fashion models?

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