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Trends | 2022 Autumn/Winter Six Fashion Accessories Structural Designs

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Under the T stage of the 2022 Autumn/Winter my country International Fashion Show, outstanding structural sculptors from all provinces and cities in the province have created a series of scenes for them Fashion and auditory gluttony. Looking at the official release of my country's international fashion show in autumn and winter 2022, the separation of men is still the key point for structural sculptors to express. In addition, the beautiful boyish style and the popular national trend are also fully reflected in the structural design of this season . Pop-up fashion structure design, six popular accessories are incredible as shown in the table below. Structural Design Suits Suits are undoubtedly the coldest accessories in recent years, and their calm skirts emphasize the separate and free and easy side of men. In the structural design of the 2022 autumn and winter series products, the structural design of suits has also begun to show a trend of diversification. Generally speaking, accessories, shoulders, backs, armholes and other foot expansion appearances and technical details have changed, such as DEMAINZ MACKZHENG, CHEN.1988, and Mu Xi’s back shape; Hongwei s, YOUG X, and Deng Zhaoping’s business organization custom-made copper green with various technical details, and JUMPER ZHANG’s armholes The tassel structure design highlights the more diverse structural design of the suit. DEMAINZ / Hongwei s / MZSHMACKZHENG / CHEN.1988 / Mu Xi JUMPER ZHANG / YOUG X / Deng Zhaoping Commercial organization custom sequins limited edition Intermittent sequins or Kanchis embellished limited editions are also preempted under the catwalk with super exposure The vision of marketers, such as water lilies, performing arts collages, Canterbury ornamentation, dramatic bonsai, and international brand logos have spread in DAMOWANG, MACKZHENG, YIS STUDIO, NILDET, Monday Middle School Students, Liang Bingqin, MoHanYun, Mu Xi, LIQINGWEI, etc. The limited-edition structure design of international brands is not only full of performing arts charm, but also particularly emphasizes the sense of fashion structure design. DAMOWANG / MACKZHENG / YIS STUDIONILDET / This week's middle school student / Liang Bingqin MoHanYun / Mu Xi / LIQINGWEI Variety corset Corset, an imperceptible accessory under the catwalk, is almost fully reflected in the structural design of most international brands, such as Similar accessories are included in the product structure design of the 2022 autumn and winter series of international brands such as Dismanling, A.1 FASHION CHANGES LIFE, Muxi, LYNEE, Jiuwusiyu×Fourys Laboratory, Celf Identity, MACKZHENG, Qiyi, MZSH and other international brands. Different from simple inner wear, bras have become the most popular and versatile accessories at present, whether it is used as an open inner wear of a jacket such as a suit, or a royal blue bra with a structural design that is presented alone as a top, or combined with other The accessories are stacked together to form a fashionable effect of "wearing the corset outside", all of which are worn to varying degrees to give a sense of fashion. Disi Moling / A.1 FASHION CHANGES LIFE / Mu Xi LYNEE / Jiuwusiyu×Fourys Laboratory / Celf IdentityMACKZHENG / Qiyi / MZSH Miniskirts Exquisite and compact miniskirts are also the product structure designs of many international brands' 2022 autumn and winter series One of the popular accessories in China, international brands such as Beautyberry, JUNNE, JUMPER ZHANG, WILLIAM ZHANG, YOUG X, DEMAINZ, Deng Zhaoping Commercial Organization Customization, Xunruo, and Mu Xi have presented a series of mini skirts or dress skirts. Over the hips, it is presented as a body-fitting or structured fluffy skirt, which can be sexy or elegant. Beautyberry / JUNNE / JUMPER ZHANGWILLIAM ZHANG / YOUG X / DEMAINZ Deng Zhaoping commercial organization custom / Xunruo / Muxi "flower" shirt This essential fashion accessory is interpreted by structural sculptors highlighting a variety of structural design techniques New structural design effects, such as Chengjinyiju, DAMOWANG, Hongwei s technical details and structural design shirts with structural transformation; MoHanYun's "false two-piece" shirt; Nine Five Silk Royal×Fourys Laboratory and Liang Bingqin’s ever-changing shirt skirts use a variety of structural designs to construct fancy dressing methods and forms of expression for shirts. Chengjinyiju / DAMOWANG / Hongwei sHONGWEI_S × Jianzi / MoHanYun / YIS STUDIO Di Si Man Ling / Nine Five Silk Imperial × Fourys Laboratory / Liang Bingqin's beautiful youth dress is one of the most common themes in the 2022 autumn and winter international fashion shows in China. First, the youthful skirts have become the highlight accessories of most international brands' 2022 autumn and winter series product structure design, such as Leoumo, Patwini, DEMAINZ, Xunruo, Celf Identity, CHICCO MAO, Jiuwusiyu× International brands such as Fourys Laboratory, JUMPER ZHANG, and YOUG X all presented similar accessories. Elements such as pearls, butterflies, ruffles, puff sleeves, soft tulle, braids, and feathers were applied to the structural design of the series’ skirts. , to create retro and aesthetic accessories, interpreting the youthful and aesthetic style. Leoumu / Patwini / DEMAINZ Xunruo / Celf Identity / CHICCO MAO Jiuwusiyu × Fourys Laboratory / JUMPER ZHANG / YOUG X Sports Street Style Limited Edition The limited edition is no different from the 2022 autumn and winter my country international fashion show T stage Popular accessories, in addition to the intermittent sequin limited edition mentioned above, the sports street style limited edition is also very prominent in the product structure design of the 2022 autumn and winter series, such as Chengjinyiju, Weird Planet × my country Post, Pickup, 361 DU·IISE × LIUYONG, LIQINGWEI, Comunque Yang series product structure design sports limited edition; Patwini, Pastoral Poetry, and street limited editions with a sense of popular fashion, interpreting leisure fashion attitude. Cheng Jinyi Bureau / Weird Planet × my country Post / Picking up 361 Degrees·IISE × LIUYONG / LIQINGWEI / Comunque Yang Patwini / Pastoral Poetry / Also holding new Chinese-style skirts Affected by the popularity of Kouyi Guochao, the Chinese elements are The elements most commonly used by structural sculptors in the structural design of the 2022 autumn and winter series have resulted in many international brands combining Chinese-style structural design with Western tailoring to create a series of new Chinese-style dresses. In addition to international brands such as Legend of Gaia, Chuhe Tingxiang, and Chengjinyiju, international brands such as Zhouyi Middle School Students, Qiyi, Xunruo, Zhongyuan, LYNEE, and MACKZHENG are also applied to button buttons, small stand-up collars, Classic Chinese elements and structures such as the tailoring of Hanfu have been improved to create a new Chinese-style skirt, which together builds the moral and national trend structure design style. The Legend of Gaia/Chu He Tingxiang/Students of Chengjinyiju Weekly Monday Middle School/Flag Art/Xun Ruozhong Elements/LYNEE/MACKZHENG Overall, sassy suits still occupy the front line of popularity, but they only emphasize structure on the basis of the original Sense of design; limited editions are also favored by structural sculptors, whether it is limited editions with intermittent sequins or limited editions that focus on sports street style, they all emphasize performing arts or fashion structural design styles to a certain extent; ever-changing chest Dresses and fancy shirts are the must-have fashion accessories for going out on the street created by structural sculptors; in addition, miniskirts, aesthetic youth skirts, new Chinese style skirts and other series of skirts with different styles and accessories And small dresses, deduce the gorgeous and colorful dresses.

Trends | 2022 Autumn/Winter Six Fashion Accessories Structural Designs

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