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Taobao special offer (2021 618 Taobao voucher application guide) is this kind of okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. Selection of Taobao vouchers 2. Where to apply for Taobao tumors 3. Where to apply for Taobao vouchers 4. 2020 Taobao vouchers 5. Is Taobao tumors real? 6. Taobao vouchers go here to know about 7. Where to apply for Taobao vouchers 8. Taobao vouchers are completely free from July 1st Handout for Voucher Application 1. Anthology of Taobao Coupons I wrote this poem because Bai Ye is not only a reality show for fitness activities, but also has a hidden identity—a reality show for saving troubles. It’s not as good as, but it’s still a real discount. Is it true that Bai is not merciless in picking up a handful of flax? Is it worthy of that honorary title? Friends who click in, don’t go to Ganganagar, take a minute to see, it can help you. 2. Where can I get a lot of money from Next, Bai will tell you how to apply for Taobao vouchers to the greatest extent. Calmly see the variations, there are wonderful~ First get a commission, that is 618 of the online platform Enjoy the commission, no access threshold, resonable, unlimited product types of Jingdong online shopping commission, online shopping can be directly reduced or exempted, except for the special power commission, the maximum face value is 618 yuan. 3. vouchers apply for a limited discount commission at the exit, first come to Su Jingheng, you can get 3 times per night, but there is not a 100% chance of getting it. 4. In 2020, Taobao’s vouchers are more expensive than JD’s. Maybe it’s not because of Double Eleven, but why not take advantage of the expensive ones~ It is said that the less you receive, the easier it is to get a big commission again, for example, 618 yuan That big cow bag, even if Huang Jiyan is the next one every night, maybe he will be the next one, but 88 Bai is also reluctant to part with it. Don't be discouraged if you don't get the excess commission. Mosquitoes are meat no matter how small they are. 5. Taobao Tuobao is worth a few hundred yuan. In addition to the commission for iced desserts, you must remember to apply for it, and there is a chance that there will be big cows again! On May 29th and 30th, there will be a new wave. On June 4th, 10th, 14th, and 17th, there will be a new wave of extra cash coupons. has a Double Eleven. Oktoberfest, but in terms of reputation, of course it is still not as good as Taobao. 6. Go here to get Taobao vouchers. For example, last year’s Double 11,’s double 11 turnover was 498.2 billion, and was only 271.5 billion. But Taobao's discount work is also very good, Feng Lin Bai Feng Lin. For example, Juhuasuan’s tens of billions of financial subsidies 7. Where to apply for Taobao vouchers? You can only buy the designated products under the vouchers. There are many types of products. You can click to see if there is anything you need. You can see it by clicking 618 Juhuasuan in the Taobao APP, as shown in Figure 8. Taobao vouchers are completely free from July 1, except for full discount coupons, and the entire site is full of 200-30, and all product categories can be redeemed one. 9. Taobao vouchers should also be remembered to apply for brand vouchers. For example, the excess vouchers issued by various stores for iPhones, such as’s iPhone 1210. You can refer to the Taobao voucher application handout for iPhone 11. Which one is more discounted, don't worry about Apple's official flagship store. It just so happened that my girlfriend wanted to change her mobile phone. Fortunately, I made an appointment on before, and the discount was even stronger when it was 4000-1000. As for the discount work of the fascia gun, it is even worse than JD. Merrick’s 9-degree Pro JD coupon is about 1,000, and wants 1194. Let’s compare other products. In a word, which one is more expensive sells better Wait a minute, do you think it's over here? In addition to a discount waiting for you, Jingdong's 618 consumer coupons. In addition to the official financial subsidy, which can be applied for every night, but after receiving it, you can continue to receive it. Bai also suggested that if you shop online on, you can place an order in several times, use a voucher each time, and then claim it after buying , Anyway, it’s all free shipping, so why not take it if it’s expensive~ The application method is also very simple Open the Taobao APP → click on the 618 Coupon Center on the homepage → enter the page to apply for the example shown in the picture (click the green box)~~~~ ~~~~~~ It’s basically the same here, except for a small benefit that can be claimed by Taobao every night, called the check-in commission. You can apply for it every night. The amount is usually between 2-3 yuan. As long as it is higher than the commission price, you can directly reduce it. If you want to buy something on Taobao, you can click it. Although it is not much, it is better than nothing good. The specific rules are as shown in the claim method. Open the Taobao app here → click on my Taobao → click commission to sign in → enter the page to apply for the example shown in the figure, and click on the red box. After going through the above methods, I believe you have already got a lot of discounts. Take Bai Ye himself as an example. If you want to buy the iPhone 12 (purple) with an original price of 6799 yuan, the current price is only: 6799-991=5808 yuan. In addition to the voucher, But if you have already made an appointment on, you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to buy it, you can compare the two online platforms and choose the best one. After receiving the voucher, remember to forward it to your relatives and friends around you. I believe Bai Ye, they will all be grateful to you. In fact, apart from a hidden discount, it was discovered by Bai Ye’s friend, and he also told everyone, hurry up and get the commission! ! ! The above--is a full guide to all the discounts on 618 this year. If you find it useful, you may wish to like it and save it. Do you have any good suggestions? 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Taobao special offer (2021 618 Taobao voucher application guide) is this kind of okay? ,

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